Wednesday, 19 November 2014

hi, how are you?

     ok!  I have created a brand new little mini zine/artbook/photo project of sorts!  & since it is mid-november already & i made these in october it is probably time i posted about them!!!  They are titled: hi, how are you?  & they are teeny tiny (1x1.5") envelopes with some teeny tiny photos inside!
     They look like so:

     & i will be making new ones every couple months or so.  (Or at least that is the plan).  If you want one, then let me know!  I would really really love to trade stuff with you!  Anything really, your own projects, mailart, zines, lofi art books, hand made magnets, photos?  I have other stuff i can send you too!  (Or you could just ask?)
     You can mail me:  
PO Box 20083
RPO Beverly
Edmonton, AB
T5W 5E6

     If you are reading this & you make lofi artbooks & would be interested in doing an exchange of sort, please contact me ( dystatic AT gmail DOT com ).  I have not been making artbooks for awhile & would like the push to get into doing more of it again & your help would be much appreciated!

     If you are reading this & you want to exchange photos (prints).  Especially photos of lights!  Then send some my way at the address above & let me know.  Thanks!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Gardein -- BBQ Pocket Meals -- Pulled Porkless

     I went grocery shopping the other day (first tuesday of the month = 15% off = yay!) & was super excited to find a brand new gardein product!!!!  gardein = the best fake meat product ever.  I had already picked up some crispy tenders & was looking at the other frozen foods, when i spotted the familiar logo.  (oddly this new stuff was in a different location than the other gardein stuff, it was with the pizza pockets)  I found:

     gardein pocket meals!  -- now, there were 2 different types of pocket meals & i chose the pulled porkless.  Unfortunately I don't remember what the other flavour was? & at this time these are not listed on the website?  There was also another type of new gardein product!  It was also a pocket-type thing but they were larger, individually wrapped ones.  There was also 2 different kinds of those, all I remember is that one had kale.  I was not really paying much attention because I was thinking I was going to look these new products up online, ugh.
     Anyway, back to the pulled porkless pocket meals!  Each box contains 4 little pockets!  & they are pretty little, but I found it to be rather filling as a snack or part of a meal.  I should also mention that each one contains 230 calories.

     I cooked mine, as directed, in the toaster oven, for 25min, flipping halfway.  I was not paying too much attention & it kinda exploded a bit!

     But i just shoved the insides back in & ate it up.  The crust was crisp & flaky, pretty tasty.  The BBQ sauce was tangy, with a tiny bit of heat, it was very similar to the BBQ sauce that comes with the sweet & tangy barbecue wings (which are just listed as bbq wings on the canadian site now & have not been available here for a little bit).  The meat pieces were small, but it's supposed to be shredded pork & their texture was good, as to be expected from gardein products!

     Overall it was a tasty bit of food & I plan on giving the other variety a try!  Also I think next time i am going to attempt to just microwave it, though not the top recommended method of preparation, having these in the freezer on hand as just a quick snack/meal that you can zap & go would be super duper convenient!  Yay gardein!~ 

more lights!~

2 light posts in a row.
     SO!  I got this cheepo plastic light from banggood the other day.  They call it a "Color Changing LED Flashing Fiber Optic Nightlight For Party" but when i opened it up i thought 'cheap plastic piece of crap' was a better description.  It is a little round plastic base that was pretty much falling apart & some plastic fiber optic thingies that come out the top, thats the neat part!  It did not come with batteries, 3AA, & when i went to put them in the little diagram instructions on the base were trying to tell me to put them in backwards, oops.
     But the thing has lights!!!  It has 3 coloured lights, blue, green & red.  There is a little press button on the bottom to turn it on & it has several different 'modes.'  Press once, you get just red, press again it turns off, press again you get green, etc...  It goes -- RED -- GREEN -- BLUE -- RED+GREEN -- RED+BLUE -- BLUE+GREEN -- RED+BLUE+GREEN -- Alternating RED-BLUE-GREEN.  It's actually pretty neat!
     So, what i do with all new light toys (especially flashy colour light toys!), picture time!  This thing was amazing for pictures!
Still pictures of the fiber optic thingies look like fireworks!

Moving things around look like strange otherworldly space underwater amazing who knows what!

And i really really liked the way these ones worked out!

This is what the light itself looks like:

     & that is about it.  There are a few different photos on my Flickr page.  have a happy day!~