Tuesday, 19 January 2016

ecodye postcards

so so so.  i had made some ecodyes specifically with the intent to make them into postcards!~  but had not really knew how/what/where/um..yeah.. not really known how i was gonna go about doing it.. cause well, i thought just mailing a piece of fabric is not the most practical means.  i think it would work, but not the most practical.  i intend to try it though!
but i wanted to get some hard board of some sort to affix the fabric to.. so i got some mattboard!  and i thought i would stitch the fabric onto it.  awhile back i had started using this white cotton string in all my dye experiments that involve tying.. this way it takes up the dye and i can use it later for another project.. so i used it that to stitch them!
i have made 2!~  the first one is 4x6"

i did some fancy schmancy stitches at the sides to make it all purty like..

the back.. well the back has stitches on it too.. but i think that it is fine.. i personally dont mind it, i think it looks kinda neat!

& then the next one is a bit bigger, it is 5x7"

i have to note here for myself that my camera..  ugh.  i accidentally touched the lens the other day and it has a nice smudgey finger print right in the center of it!  i dont want to attempt to clean it, i dont have any sort of wipes or cleanser or anything & well, i dont want to scratch the lense - it already has a nice little chip in it from the stupid wind blowing something into it... but there is a blurry spot in the center of the photos because of this.  i am gonna go to the camera shop at the mall tomorrow and get it taken care of, but for now.. these get to be slightly blurry, cause it doesnt really matter all that much.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

stelliferous!~ -new mini artistbook.

so! well. i made a new little artistbook thingy.  it's cute.  it's got stars.  it's called stelliferous! ..which is a dictionary word of the day, it means "having or abounding with stars"'s an adjective, can you title things with adjectives?  maybe not properly?  oh well, i rarely do things exactly properly.  it looks like this:

 the cover is silver.. silver does not show up well on screens does it? ..and then i stamped the title.  the binding are teeny tiny little star brads!~  and the pages.. the pages are full of stars! ..well.. dots and stars.. but in the sky stars look like dots.. so the dots are stars.. get it?  

it gave me the opportunity to use up  some of my scraps from making those 800!!! mini envelopes for Sinoun & her Big Love project!  i just hated to throw out all that scrap paper, so i have been holding on to it for.. something?!  so yay!
here is what it looks like on the inside:

it is small.. just an eighth of an inch on each side over 2x2.5inches.. and i only made 15.. numbered and everything.  but the idea had been puttering around in the back of my head for some time, ever since i put a few random punched out stars and dots in a little zip lock bag just to get them out of the way some time ago, so i am happy to get it out of me!~