Thursday, 14 July 2016


so yay!  i finally finally finally got around to doing this cyanotype thing!~  yesterday i mixed up the chemicals and coated some paper and left it to dry.. and then today i was almost too distracted to getting around to giving it a shot while the sun was still up there but i remembered, so yay!~

i took pictures..  that are very glare-y, but these are some digital negatives sitting on my little deck exposing themselves to the sun.

& some super duper quick quick quick.. i guess they are photograms..  leaves & creeping bellflower!  i had to clip them to some old pizza box i had found in my house that i was gonna throw, i dont even know where it came from??? it's not mine..  i dont eat pepperoni???

& then here are my prints after i finished rinsing!

a dandelion & my timmy!!!  he's so cute!!!  cute cute cute!!!  aww.  turned out so well..  i miss my little guy... sleeping little blue monster.
and these are the photogram thingies..  hanging to dry..

i have a whole bunch more paper..  these are just little pieces.  and i also tried some canvas and wood.. and i did have some of the stuff left over so i painted it on a little piece of fabric, but it was 100% polyester and i had read that you need to use natural fiber, or mostly natural fiber, or at least some natural fiber, or.. something like that,  but i guess we will just find out now won't we.
and also.. i only mixed less than half the chemical solutions that i made.. and then i have enough chemicals to make that amount at least 4 more times!
makes me think that i should learn how to dye with indigo..  or well.. get some indigo in the first place..  then i could do blue everything!~
(i am trying to grow some false indigo.. i dont know what that does though???)

Sunday, 3 July 2016


you know what sucks?
ha. no.. well, yeah, but no..
what sucks..  when you order a whole bunch of little doodads and whatnots and thingamagigs and stuffs.  a whole bunch of little bits of junk that well.. might for a few bucks bring you a few little bursts of postal joy that might brighten your day for a few brief moments...  and then it never arrives!
it never arrives!  and so.. not only do you not get your little bits of junk to brighten your day.. but you have to deal with trying to get your money refunded and all those bothersome annoyances.. because hell if i am going to have wasted my $5 or $6 dollars for nothing.  i dont have that kinda money to waste on sheer air when i can get that crap for free and it was supposed to have bought fake happiness.
ugh ugh ugh and more ugh.
life.. ugh.