Thursday, 14 July 2016


so yay!  i finally finally finally got around to doing this cyanotype thing!~  yesterday i mixed up the chemicals and coated some paper and left it to dry.. and then today i was almost too distracted to getting around to giving it a shot while the sun was still up there but i remembered, so yay!~

i took pictures..  that are very glare-y, but these are some digital negatives sitting on my little deck exposing themselves to the sun.

& some super duper quick quick quick.. i guess they are photograms..  leaves & creeping bellflower!  i had to clip them to some old pizza box i had found in my house that i was gonna throw, i dont even know where it came from??? it's not mine..  i dont eat pepperoni???

& then here are my prints after i finished rinsing!

a dandelion & my timmy!!!  he's so cute!!!  cute cute cute!!!  aww.  turned out so well..  i miss my little guy... sleeping little blue monster.
and these are the photogram thingies..  hanging to dry..

i have a whole bunch more paper..  these are just little pieces.  and i also tried some canvas and wood.. and i did have some of the stuff left over so i painted it on a little piece of fabric, but it was 100% polyester and i had read that you need to use natural fiber, or mostly natural fiber, or at least some natural fiber, or.. something like that,  but i guess we will just find out now won't we.
and also.. i only mixed less than half the chemical solutions that i made.. and then i have enough chemicals to make that amount at least 4 more times!
makes me think that i should learn how to dye with indigo..  or well.. get some indigo in the first place..  then i could do blue everything!~
(i am trying to grow some false indigo.. i dont know what that does though???)

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