Sunday, 3 July 2016


you know what sucks?
ha. no.. well, yeah, but no..
what sucks..  when you order a whole bunch of little doodads and whatnots and thingamagigs and stuffs.  a whole bunch of little bits of junk that well.. might for a few bucks bring you a few little bursts of postal joy that might brighten your day for a few brief moments...  and then it never arrives!
it never arrives!  and so.. not only do you not get your little bits of junk to brighten your day.. but you have to deal with trying to get your money refunded and all those bothersome annoyances.. because hell if i am going to have wasted my $5 or $6 dollars for nothing.  i dont have that kinda money to waste on sheer air when i can get that crap for free and it was supposed to have bought fake happiness.
ugh ugh ugh and more ugh.
life.. ugh.

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