Wednesday, 9 March 2016

ArtWalk YEG - Return (#2), Clouds (#4), Transitions (#10) & Valley Wall (#15)

so hello.  it's been awhile.  and i have not kept up with my plan to do this whole artwalk thing over the winter, ugh.  also the computer died and i have not been able to upload pictures so whatever.  but i have collected a few, well, 3 of them over the past little bit, so i thought i would lump them all into one post!   yay!~
these are all part of the ArtWalk YEG thingy... which i am slowly (very slowly) documenting.. for my own posterity..  so here it goes...

#3. Return - by Catherine Burgess

so.. acording to the site, this is from 2001 and is made from "390 individually cast aluminum rings that are interconnected to represent the Edmonton Community Foundation, their donors and monetary recipients."

and then, just because it was kinda nifty and i hadnt taken any 3d pics in awhile.. i 3d-ized it.. so if you have any 3d glasses you can have a look see!

#4. Clouds - by Gordon Ferguson (2003)
this is kinda neat.. but my pictures of it are not that great.  it is alongside a parkade and is apparantly a " mural evolved from a collection of photographs of cloud formations."   They are made from lazer cut steel plates. 


#10. Transitions - Edmonton Small Press Association, Josh Holinaty & Luke Ramsey (2010)

kinda neat looking, on the side of a building.. and according to the site: Winning an Award of Excellence by the Edmonton Urban Design Awards (2011) and a Medal in the National Urban Design Awards (2012) by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the ESPA proves that doodling can communicate very important messages. Designed by fellow zinesters, Holinaty and Ramsey, and created by a team of 14 artists,Transition reflects the ESPA’s advocacy towards an ideal and sustainable Edmonton.

+ the espa is pretty nifty.  i first came into contact with them ages and ages ago.. in the early 2000s through a mailart project they did at the works festival that i helped out a bit with..  since then i havent had much to do with them but they were good people!~

#15. Valley Wall - Will Truchon (2009)

this was a pain in the arse to take a picture of.. i dont know if it was just the crappy lighting (it was rather miserable out) or what, but it just.. ugh.  it's so high and close quarters and then the weird lighting or whatever kept reflecting and when i tried to take a picture you wouldnt see the painting you would just see a glare.. so.. ugh.
but it's pretty..

the end.
for now..
#9. Chez Pierre
#20. Neon sign museum

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