Tuesday, 8 December 2015

ArtWalk YEG - Chez Pierre (#9)

     Ok.. forgive me, this photo is really dark, cause, well, it was dark out.  I was not really expecting to be doing this, but i was walking past here & remembered this was on here, so i though.. mine as well take this now!!!  Chez Pierre.. oh Chez Pierre.. ugh. 

    i say ugh.. because this painting kinda gives me the creeps... (this by the way, is #9 on ArtWalk YEG ) according to the site, this is a painting of "Pierre Cochard operated Edmonton's first nude dancing club for more than 40 years" ..still..creeeeepy... i much preferred the old painting.. but apparently my memory serves me incorrectly.  what i remember is a sort of ..line drawing type painting of a nude lady... not necessarily very.. oh.. family friendly per say, but not so pervy.. as mr.pierre here.  BUT! according the artwalk site and anything i have read on my quick but unfruitful search to find a photo of the old painting online says is that it was a painting of 2 nude girls... i only remember 1????  oh well.  my memory sucks anyway, so i am not gonna be too concerned about the matter.  (the painting is by Ian Mulder by the way, if i am reading the artwalk site properly... i dont imagine anyone could have painted this and i not found it kinda creepy)
     but much more lovely.. the neon signage at the front... (& i know, the photo is blurry.. but oh well)

     & here is a slightly better one of the dancing lady...

     & from the other side!


     ...i do like my neon signs.

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