Wednesday, 23 December 2015

gingerbread houses!

    i made gingerbread houses today with my nieces!  well, mine was made with little graham cracker cookies, but anyway..  it was pretty fun, if not at times disastrous..  poor little scarlett's house fell completely apart at one point, but the little girl is determined.  & mine was a bit of a mess.    i have no idea what my mom made the icing out of.. she did some sort of eggless thing cause scarlett is not supposed to eat eggs, but it was pretty icky in consistency and not a very good house glue.  ..but then we added more icing and things worked a bit better. 
    this is the one that gwen & my mom worked on... but gwen was really far more interested in playing than making little houses..

    & then scarlett's .. she made this SUPER AMAZING house!  with lots and lots of candy! 

    check out even the cute little details inside..

     & then my little bitty house in a puddle of soupy icing..

     i stole scarlett's idea for little lights around the house.. but i like my little trees.  no way i am gonna eat this icky thing though.  uck.  but it was fun enough!~

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