Saturday, 12 December 2015

pottery class - winter 2015

     so!  i went to go pick up my pottery stuff today.. from my last pottery class.. most of it turned out pretty decent.. except for this one leaf plate, it was a plate i had made last year but hadn't had a chance to glaze, so i did it this time.. but ugh.  it turned out so so ugly.. i dont know why?  ...cause i had made another one last year that turned out so pretty!  and then i made one this year that also turned out pretty.. it's made with a holly hock leaf.. anyway..
    i only took pictures of a couple of things though..  ..every class i take i make myself a little little cup thingy.. i have a collection of them on my shelf cause i have taken, oh.. i dont know?  5? classes?  ..but this time i painted my cup with coloured slips and then finished it with black slip and then carved fireworks into it!~ ...however, i carved too deep, and all you can see is the white clay underneith.. oh well.

     i tried to think of different types of fireworks designs to carve.. eh.. i dont know?

    i made another little one, shorter, that i carved a little grass into.. you can sorta see the blue sometimes on this one..

     & then here is a leaf plate i made that turned out pretty good! is made using a leaf from my russian comfrey plant..

    & then this.. oh this.. this was the most frustrating thing in the world.. ugh.  it actually turned out a lot better than i expected, so that's good.. but ugh.'s a plate, i dont know what it is really?  but i made it with silver maple leaves.. and it took me so much time.. cause first it cracked or something & i was trying to fix it.. and then the tip of a leaf or two fell of.. so i was trying to patch that.. and then.. then.. ugh.  then after i had worked on it for all that time.. the whole damn thing brok in half!!!!  ..i was not going to give up though.. i patched it up and wrapped it up and waited for the next class.. in the end it looked kinda crappy but i though, i am gonna try and have this thing fired and see what happens, i was not really expecting it to work.. but it kinda did.  .. still.. but i thought, i will glaze it and see how it turns out.. and here it is:

    if it had not been so horrible to me i would have been able to do a bit more with it.. try and bring out some of the detail of the of the leaves like the other leaf plate above.. but as it was a lot of the top center was just mush.. so i just dipped it and let it be.  .. but if you look closely you can still see the details in some of the leaves a bit..

    i also made a nifty baking dish (roughly 8x8") and a mug for my sister that turned out not half bad.. i am not so fantastic at mugs.. i always end up making them super tiny for some reason?  ..and handles are hard ya know.  ..but i didnt take pictures of them..  
    so yeah.. those are some of my pottery things from this last class.

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