Thursday, 19 November 2015

ArtWalk YEG - Neon Sign Museum (#20)

 So!  the other day i finally got a chance to pick up a copy of ArtWalk YEG .. a map of various public artwork that you can see downtown!~  lot of the things on there i have seen and noticed before, but several of them i have not and look forward to checking out on various little artwalk adventures this..winter.  ..hey, gives me a good reason to get out walking this winter eh?
    i was on my way to a dr. appointment when i picked it up and while waiting to go in i had a quick little look and decided that i should probably make it into a little photo project and document them all because hey! that might be a bit fun?  ...and then after the appointment i did some stuff.. and then i was walking along 104th ave.. and its getting to be winter time, so of course it gets dark i was walking to 109th street to walk back down to jasper to catch the LRT & thought.... the Neon Sign Museum is just a couple blocks further.. its dark already.. lights are on.. i should go check that out right now!  so, yeah.. i did!
   the Neon Sign Museum is super cool!~  ..well maybe i am a bit biased because i kinda love lights, but still.. its pretty neat.  its a collection of old neon signs that are all put together on the side of a single building.  super!, this is the first time i ever looked at that page about it & apparantly the city has collected 12 and 8 have been restored and put up, i hope the other 4 get put up shortly!

     that site also says that this is part of the city's effort to revitalize 104th street.. well, as far as lights go.. 104th street is pretty spiffy.  if you head down the block they have their trees done right up!

      it is super!  so.. check on the neon sign museum.
oh yeah, and in case you have your 3D specs handy...  here it is in all it's 3d anaglyph glory.. cause i am spiffy like that.

happy day!~

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