Wednesday, 19 November 2014

hi, how are you?

     ok!  I have created a brand new little mini zine/artbook/photo project of sorts!  & since it is mid-november already & i made these in october it is probably time i posted about them!!!  They are titled: hi, how are you?  & they are teeny tiny (1x1.5") envelopes with some teeny tiny photos inside!
     They look like so:

     & i will be making new ones every couple months or so.  (Or at least that is the plan).  If you want one, then let me know!  I would really really love to trade stuff with you!  Anything really, your own projects, mailart, zines, lofi art books, hand made magnets, photos?  I have other stuff i can send you too!  (Or you could just ask?)
     You can mail me:  
PO Box 20083
RPO Beverly
Edmonton, AB
T5W 5E6

     If you are reading this & you make lofi artbooks & would be interested in doing an exchange of sort, please contact me ( dystatic AT gmail DOT com ).  I have not been making artbooks for awhile & would like the push to get into doing more of it again & your help would be much appreciated!

     If you are reading this & you want to exchange photos (prints).  Especially photos of lights!  Then send some my way at the address above & let me know.  Thanks!

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