Tuesday, 17 March 2015

forced tulips #2

     i have not posted in forever & i keep forgetting!  so i figured i should finally do an update about my tulips.  well, they bloomed!  on my birthday!  YAY!  they were so pretty too!  but i am getting ahead of myself...  i have been trying my hand at forcing tulips indoors in a vase full of some seaglass & water.  in my last post they were about 3 days old & still rather small, little sprouts under an inch tall but growing quickly!  i am super impressed at how quickly these bulbs grew!
     almost a week later they were looking like this:

     in about another week they had grown past the top of the vase & had gotten quite leafy:

     after only 2 more days they started to bud!  this is what they looked like the evening of valentines day:

     & then on my birthday the next day, ta-da!

     they ended up a lovely bright coral-y redish colour!  (not so much like the pink that was pictured on the package)  i know that the different pictures look different colours depending on the lighting & whatnot, but the ones above are most true to the real flowers, at least on my monitor.  the colour did fade a bit as they got older.  the one other thing is that the bulbs started sucking a lot more water once they started to bloom!  i had to keep topping up the water level much more frequently than when they were just leaves or sprouts!
     & the blooms stayed for a long time too!  these pictures were taken 5 days later!

     so pretty!   i let the flowers just die on the stems & i think the dead flowers looked pretty spectacular as well in their own way!

     i am looking forward to buying some new bulbs & trying this again.  i am hoping to get some different types of flowers & giving that a shot.  i am not really sure what i am supposed to do with these bulbs now that they have finished though?  i am pretty sure that they can be regrown 'next season' but unfortunately i have not really looked that information up too much, eek!  it will be figured out.  fun stuff.

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