Sunday, 26 July 2015

nutella truck tour!

i heard the nutella truck was in town and thought i would check it out!

     i had read that it was going to be at K-days, which i was not going to, but then i saw it - on the overpass OUTSIDE the gate to get in!  So, yipiee!  Free nutella!  and yes that grey background is the sky which was kind of miserable and did spit on me a bit.

      the food truck had 2 options a belgian waffle or a fresh fruit skewer (2 bananas & 2 strawberries) both with nutella of course!  and while i love fruit (though i do not do bananas) ..belgian waffle with nutella is what brought me here to begin with.  YUM!

    it was nice and warm and ooey and gooey.  And that is not all!  I also got a free nutella "spife" - that's a spoon/knife, like a spork but deadlier!  They also had one of those claw game things?  where you try and grab a prize - i did not win.  The prizes were 'empty' nutella jars filled with things.. i think they had things like bubbles and fold up frizbees and things of that nature.   I also got my very own jar label with my name printed on it, how fun!

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