Saturday, 12 September 2015

planting succulents

     so!  i had all over online how you could propagate succulents super easy just from a little leaf!~  neat!  however i did not have any succulents to get any leaves from.  at the beginning of the summer when i went to the greenhouse to look at plants however they had a whole bunch of them!  i was looking at them thinking, ..i could get one and probably turn it into a whole bunch.. well, i picked one up to look at it and noticed that the trays below them were filled with tonnes of broken off leaves!!!  so... i grabbed a bunch of the the little leaves off the bottom and stuck them in my bag and brought them home!
     at home i put them in a little tray on top of some black earth that i had a bag of and gave them some water and waited.. well, they started to grow!  and they grew quite well!  i did not photodocument this whole thing, so no pictures, but it worked.  little plants started to grow from the old leaves!

     fast forward to now, they have been sitting in that tray for awhile and it is time to put them in their own little pots and hopefully they will develop further into more healthy little plants.  i had taken a lot of little leaves, i didnt know how well they would do!  so i have a lot of new little plants and i need a lot of new little pots!  they actually ended up being rather hard to transplant, they were quite fragile and their little leaves tended to break off quite easily.  (this was not helped by the fact that i was doing this with my 4 year old niece who was not very gentle!)  so, harder than it looks!

     i managed to get 8 planted!  i need to get some more pots!  so cute!!!

    i also put some more dirt in the little pan that the rest of them were in and gently replanted them in that!  and then i put all the new little tiny broken leaves in it!  cause, hey, it worked the first time!  though, i dont really have high hopes for these ones, they are too tiny!!!!

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