Saturday, 3 September 2016

tree - green ash

ok!  right away another tree!  the green ash..  next to the american elm the green ash is the next most common tree in my community..   american elm and green ash are almost all the trees on the boulevards.  there many blocks that have just the two.  ...but also there are a bunch of different types of ash trees too, like summit and patmore.. and well, i dont know exactly what the difference is between them all yet, but oh well.  these are supposed to all be green ash (according the yeg tree map)

the tree has bunches of seeds..  however, some trees didnt seem to have any, i'm not sure why..  i am thinking that the seeds is probably going to be one of the easier ways to tell the different ash trees apart?

also some of the trees had these little.. things?  they were not on all of them and the ones they were on tended to be only on high branches so i wasnt able to get a good picture..

the leaves were opposite each other like this..

the bark was pretty light coloured..

they also had fairly distinct looking branches...

there was one that had already turned fairly yellow and i thought it looked rather pretty..  i was looking up at it and was gonna take some pictures and some guy walked by and asked me if there was a kitten up there.. i had to say nope.. just a tree.

and down by the school the whole block is all green ash, so here is a block of green ash..

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