Saturday, 15 October 2016

dolly daydreams

so, i went to this new dollar store today..  it was an actual "dollar store" but it had a lot of things that were more than a dollar... a lot more than than a dollar.  dollarama now goes up to $4 which kinda sucks, but this dollar store had stuff up to probably $20 for sure...  it had lots of stuff though.
the first row i went down was a big row of toys!  lots and lots of toys!  and i found these:
dolly daydream!  clean fun!
with all sorts of cleaning supplies..  this one's got a mop and bucket..
this one's got a washing machine and an iron and who knows what else..
cause what little girl doesn't just dream the day away of just cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning..  and.. oh the good clean fun!~

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