Tuesday, 16 January 2018

edmonton funicular!?!!?!

i guess the new funicular opened at the beginning of december?  you'd think that there would be more fuss about this thing.  i'll admit i dont watch a whole lot of news,  but you know, if i think about it i dont think i've really heard ANYTHING about this thing?  the only reason i do know anything about it is cause i saw the construction and wondered what they were doing.
but anyway... it's up and running! and i went and checked it out.

that's the view from the top.  yep.  the frozen river valley in january!
and then this here is the stuff.
it's like a big glass elevator that goes down the hill.  there are steps at the side that you can go down too.

there were not many people around, which is good, cause i got to go in by myself. 

at the bottom there is a little space with some blue wavy sculptures, i read somewhere that they are supposed to represent the currents of the river or something like that i think?  it looked kinda desolate at the moment, but i think it was just wintery.  there's a little bridge to walk across the road below that leads to an elevator that you can take down closer to the river.  it was not in service when i was there.  there were steps to go down too, but i didnt feel like going down at the moment.

this is on the way back, a view of the whole thing, the elevator and the funicular in the back...

and the sculptures..

and then one last picture i took while i was waiting for the thing to come back down to take me up!

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