Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Happy Halloween!!! ~trick or treat~ cupcakes!

     I love halloween!  such a fun holiday.  I am hoping to go out trick-or-treating with my nieces this year & even bought a snazzy blue wig for the occasion.  I am really hoping it is not snowy & cold.  I am taking pottery class & this has given me an excuse reason to make halloween cupcakes! for people!  Yay!
     So, i am a sucker for cupcake liners & as soon as dollarama started putting out their halloween stuff i have been eying their halloween cupcake liners!  I already have quite a bit of large liners so i just bought some small ones.  I got some with spooky eyes! & these silly skeletons:

     But i guess i was using my thinking brain 100% because i decided to make chocolate cupcakes & while chocolate cupcakes are super delicious they make most fancy cupcake liners essentially useless.  Ooooh well.  You can sorta see the design when you take the wrapper off!
     This did not spoil my plans however because my main inspiration for my halloween cupcakes was... pop rocks!  oh yes. Or, well, popping candies that i got from dollarama for $2.

The cupcakes i made were the dark chocolate cupcakes from Comfort Cooking's Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Meringue Ghosts (super cute!) & a super basic cream cheese icing (4oz cream cheese - 1c icing sugar - 1tbsp butter - 1tsp vanilla, mix mix, ta-da).

     And then, top with the popping candy!~ 

      I call them trick-or-treat cupcakes because if you dont tell folks that the little sprinkles on top are pop rocks they will get a little surprise when they start to eat eat their cupcake!  However!  You can't make them too far in advance or else the candy will just melt into the icing & ruin all the fun!  So try to put the candies on as close to when you are planning to eat them as possible.

     I discovered kinda later that there were 2 different colours, there are actually more, these candies come in 4 flavours: cherry, grape, strawberry & apple.  Cherry, grape & strawberry are all various red shades while apple is green!  I think green is a more halloween-ish colour & the 2 together are kinda christmas-y, so for pottery tomorrow i am going to bring all green!

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