Wednesday, 22 October 2014

jelly lenses!~

     i got my jelly lenses in the mail yesterday.  In case you don't know, jelly lenses are neat tiny little lenses designed to attach to your phone camera (with a little sticky jelly ring) and allow you to create photos with different effects.  Super cool!

     There are 12 different lenses available (well, 14 because 2 of them come with 2 in one pack) & i bought 5 of them (including the 2 that come with 2).  However!~  I dont own a cell phone!  My plan was to try & stick them on an old digital camera & well, it kinda worked.

     The lenses dont fit perfectly over the camera lens & you can see the circular outline of the jelly lens itself.  But they were cheap & its fun to experiment!  So here it goes!  (If you are planning on getting these to use with your digital camera make sure the sticky stuff doesn't touch your actual camera lens or it might wreck it, ack!)
     So, the lenses i got were:

6 Image Mirage
Heart Frame / Blue Filter
Star Frame / Sepia Filter
     (this is the one i really wanted & it looks like absolutely nothing, but that is because it makes nighttime lights look like stars & this is just a tree outside the window on a gloomy afternoon, oh well.)
     Also available are:
Wide Angle - fish eye effect
Stretch - stretches the photos either horizontally or vertically, like a funhouse mirror
3 Image Mirage - divides one image into 3 (like the 6image one above, but with 3)
Polorizer - achieves a more contrasting sky, reduces glare & reflection,
Close Up - macro effect
Soft Lense - makes photo look more soft & romantic
Vignette - blurs around the edges

     I found that the lens packs that contained 2 (star/sepia & heart/blue) were somehow not as well made? as the other ones, not the lenses themselves, just the way that they closed & packaged the sticky back.  This made them not as sticky as the other ones & they kept falling off.  You also could not really see the heart or the star shape in the picture & that blue is definitely green.   The other ones closed better & stuck better but you only got 1 lens for the same price.
     You can buy these at a lot of different places online for a lot of different prices either singly or in sets, but i got mine from here for about a buck each (& free shipping!) but you had to buy 5 (your choice!).  I think they are pretty swell & hopefully i will get some better pictures with them soon, especially the spark one!  Hopefully i will remember to do a post soon about making your own color lenses too!  Yay for photo experimentation!!!!

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