Tuesday, 26 May 2015

pin*test - burning dandelion seed heads

     I have seen those pins on pinterest that show burning dandelions saying that when you set them on fire they burn purty colours.  I never really believed it, but i figured it would be fun to give it a try because it includes one of my favourite things, taking pictures of things on fire!  Yay!
     I was just thinking now that i could have taken a little video, i always forget about the video option on my camera.  (I really should start playing with that more often)  Instead i tested out the -high speed burst- photo option., at the moment there is fire ban here, so i really did not want to be playing with fire too much outside, so instead i brought a couple of seed heads inside & did it in the kitchen sink.
     Here are the results:

(the first try took 14 shots & i am cutting out a few)

     here is another one that was smaller....

     i did see online another photo that someone did of burning a whole bunch, a little bouquet of them!  that might be neat.. but that might be more of an outdoor project and someone else holding them while i take the picture.  Maybe later when the fire ban is lifted.  i do not think there will ever be a shortage of dandelions during the summer!

     & here are just some more photos i took of dandelion seed heads, because they are pretty!

     hopefully i will do more posts soon!

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