Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New Fruit - Sea Buckthron & Korean Melon

     i have this goal to try new fruits that i have never tasted before!  i do not achieve it very often because i do not often find much new fruits around, especially in the winter time.  i dont drive & so am often unable to shop at a lot of the ethnic stores that might carry some of the more exotic produce as well.  on occasion i do spot something new however & am happy to give it a try!  This was the case yesterday:
     i had planned on getting a super duper yummy sandwich from Swiss to Go, an amazing sandwich place & she makes the best pretzel buns!  However!  when i got there she was out of bread!!!  so, no sandwich for me, boo!  (i am hoping to go again tomorrow!)  She did have some tasty looking pastries left & i thought i would give one a try!  I ended up deciding to get one made with Sea Buckthorn berries!

     they are little yellowish orange berries that have a little seed in them.  They were actually pretty sour on their own but along with the cream & pastry it was really quite tasty!  The tart actually had quite a few of them on top and under the cream, so i got a pretty good taste of them., no sandwich, but new fruit experience!  (plus she gave me the tart for free!)

Other new fruit i have had in the not so distant past:

Apriums! -- these are a cross between apricots and plums & apparently quite common, like pluots, but i have never seen them before.  They were dark purple-ish red-ish kinda plum like colour on the surface but also fuzzy like an apricot!  Inside they looked like this:

they were SO red!  and SO JUICY!  they were just dripping when i cut them open, even though the whole fruit was still quite firm.  & they were quite sweet!  very tasty!  I will get them again for sure if i see them.  (well, and if they are not $2.48/lb, that is kinda a ridiculous price, but i wanted to try them!)

Korean Melon

what a pretty looking fruit!  it is a little melon, fits i the palm of your hand.  The inside is white flesh that to me tasted kinda like a cross between a honey dew and a cucumber.  i am afraid that the one i got was a little under ripe.  i should have let it ripen a bit & i think it would have tasted sweeter.  apparently you can eat the seeds too, or so says the internet, but i did not, i am not a big seed eater.  i think i read that you could eat the peel as well?  i did not do that either, but the peel is very thin, unlike say a cantaloupe or honeydew that has more of a rind.  i think i might try one again to taste it when it is fully ripened, i like the idea of a personal sized melon!

the end.

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