Thursday, 20 August 2015

Gardein - ~new~ sweet & sour porkless bites!~

     SO!  i went grocery shopping the other day, and i checked out the gardein section, i spotted their new mini crabless cakes which i had heard about but, to be honest, i am not that eager to try.  i never was much of a seafood person, so the thought of them dose not thrill me.  maybe if they are on sale one day i might give them a go, but eh.  BUT!~  then i spotted THES:

    WHAT!~  looks so good!  so in my basket they go! ... so what are they like?  they are pretty darn yum!  when you open the bag they look like this:

and they come with a funny little pack of sweet and sour sauce that looks like this (i like to take pictures):

and, because we all want to know, a whole bag of them looks like this:

the recommended cooking method for these guys is to fry them up, which i did!  & according to the package it takes 6-8min.  i dont know if that's how long it took, but it was pretty quick.

they have a sort of coating on them which makes them kind of crispy!  and they are kinda spicy and pretty darn tasty!  nutritional info: 1/3 of the pack or 70g = 110calories (without sauce), i made 6 and that was 48g (76ish calories).

i did not totally burn them!  i decided to give the sauce a try too!  i ate half with and half without.

the sauce is a sweet and sour sauce.  it is pretty tasty too but it has a spicy hot kick to it, though i am a total lightweight when it comes to hot stuff, so it is probably not that hot at all really.  i tried these again a few days later when i made a veggie stir fry with rice and mixed in the sauce with that and it was not that hot that way!
     super excited about these!  they are really tasty!  i will probably mostly eat them without the sauce, or with some other kinda sauce because my insides suck with anything hot, but i will definitely be getting these again!  yay gardein! i think they may possibly help fill the void that formed when they stopped selling the bbq wings anywhere in the whole darn city that i have seen!!!  alas.
    anyway, happy eating!

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