Sunday, 2 August 2015

morning glory!

    i was super super excited that my morning glory was going to bloom!  so excited!  i started some plants from seeds this year and i was not going to even try starting any flowers because i am not a great gardener, but we have this big container of old seeds (some are really really really old) and i was looking through it and there was a pack of blue morning glory seeds, so i thought i would try!  i love blue flowers!  i dont think i have actually ever seen any blue morning glories in person, just in pictures, i guess they are not a hugely popular plant around here.  (though i do have wild morning glories (a weed) growing, and i have encouraged them to grow up my deck, so pretty!)  ANYWAY!  i tried planting the seeds, thinking they would do nothing, and TA-DA!  they sprouted!  super quick!  and grew quite well!
     a few days ago a little swirly appendage started to get much bigger and i knew it was going to bloom!

     i was so pleased!  i was watching super close so as not to miss it because the flower only lasts for one day.  and then it unraveled!  it looked like this before i went to sleep (early in the morning, just after sunrise - my sleep schedule is not normal)  i knew that when i got up it would be open!

  AND! ... disappointment.

     it had rained during the night, and it had rained during the morning and the rain had damaged the blossom.  poor little pathetic flower.  BUT!  the blue is so pretty!  and the blossom is HUGE!  and i was still excited to see it.  + those little pokey things in the back are going to become blossoms in the future i do believe!

    here it is later in the day when it had dried out a bit.  ugh.  look what the weather had done to the poor thing.  i dont think it had even rained that hard really.  fragile things.

    by the end of the night it had shrived up into a candy striped little clump.  strange little flower.  i still managed to get a few pictures of the blueness though, or, well, in its more shriveled state it appears more purple really.

     the blossoms of the wild morning glories, which grow as weeds, last for more than 1 day, though i am not sure for exactly how long.  some decided to grow in my front yard this year so i encouraged them to grow up the front of my deck.  they are a pretty soft pink colour and the blossoms are only about 1.5 inches across, much smaller than the blue morning glory.

    and for good measure, a few other flower pictures i took around the same time as the morning glory.  i planted some sweet peas that i wanted to climb up things, which didnt, oh well.

     and some pansies!

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