Monday, 26 June 2017

dye dye dye!!!! flowers and ice and everything nice..

i did an ice flower dye the other day!  the first one of this year.  i was hoping to get some nice bedding plants so that i would have some good flowers for stuff, but ugh.  not so much.  i did buy some violas and some pansies, so that's good!  but not much else..  i got some rudbekia that i think are orange today, so that's something!  maybe?  but anyway.. here we go!
i put all sorts of different things on this one!  some peonies, some rose petals, some yellow lilies, some of those pea vine type flowers, a few chive blossoms, a couple spent iris blossoms, a few bunches of comfrey flowers, and of course some violas and pansies!  i also tried putting a few yarrow leaves in there.
the method for this is simple, you put the flowers on the wet cloth (this cloth was unmordanted, i had some old alum liquid from a previous mordant and i soaked it in that for a few min though) fold or roll it up tightly and tie if you need to and then freeze it.  once it is frozen you can take it out and thaw it in some water.  i have never tried just thawing it on the shelf, i should do that next time.  i also squeeze it pretty good.  then ta-da!  (it works extremely well with hollyhocks!)
so.. this is what it looked like today..

ta-da!  it was starting to get a little dark and there was a sorta ominous wind starting up...eek!

violas and pansies always make wonderful colours!  blues and greens and sometimes purples, depending on what colour they are.

the peonies didnt do much, but sometimes they left a little bit of an outline.  i didnt really think they would do a whole lot, they usually dont.  sometimes they make some nice colours on paper though!
you can see that pea vine flower there though, it lost all it's colour, but i dont really know where it went?
the lilies didnt really make prints so much, but there's yellows in there in general, so they did something i think!

that clump of stuff is the comfrey flowers, and they left some pinky brownish spots.

it's pretty colourful!  so that's good.  i am not sure how much of it will wash out.  i expect that some of the darker blotches might wash out a bit.. who knows.

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