Thursday, 30 November 2017


i got stung by a bee once and it made me feel very strange.  it was in my hair, why? i do not know? but i felt something on the back of my head, nothing too weird, like some loose hair or something touching me and i instinctively just kinda brushed the back of my head but when i did i felt that little bee grab my finger with it's little legs and then OUCH!  it stung me!  it didnt really hurt that terribly much, my finger did swell up some, but that day i felt very odd, a whole range of strange emotions, and that night i was tired.  but i like bees.
bees are wonderful little creatures!~  i like taking pictures of them a whole lot cause they just buzz around doing their business and dont really mind the fact that you're there.  (unlike a whole lot of other bugs that run/fly away from you)  plus they're pretty.  they have beautiful wings!
i was at the park and in this patch of globe thistles there were a whole bunch of bees just buzzing about doing their thing and i stopped to take pictures for awhile.  i noticed though that in this little patch there were so many different kinds of bees!  it was kinda amazing!~  so i thought i'd try and take pictures of a bunch of them. that's what i'm putting here then.   some of these are not the best, clearest pictures, but i just want to see how many different kinds of bees i got!

 orange striped bottom 

 waspy ones 

bumble bee type ones 

orange band in the middle

grey striped

some other ones...

i started this post awhile ago and saved it as a draft..  but that's about as edited as it's gonna get... lots of different types of bees!  i don't know for sure but i think there's at least 8 different types there?  neat.  it's good to see so many bees!  i do love bees.

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