Friday, 30 January 2015

forcing tulips

     Awhile back i saw a pin on pinterest about how to force tulips in water.  I thought it looked pretty darn nifty, so when i saw a pack of tulip bulbs at dollarama a few months back i thought it was well worth the $2 investment to give it a try!  Flower experiment time!
     The whole process is really quite simple, but before you start the tulip bulbs need some resting time in a cold dark place, i kept mine in my fridge.  I looked around on several different places online to try and find out info and they said anything from a month to 15 weeks, that's kinda a big gap!  My package of tulips did not mention anything about how much time they might need.  I figure they have been in the fridge for at least 10 weeks, maybe 11 or 12 so i thought i would give them a go!
     I had bought a tall glass container to keep them in & i had a previously bought bag of sea glass that i was going to use as a filler.  So, dumped in the sea glass & arranged my bulbs, my container only fit 3 bulbs in it, so there are still 3 more in the fridge to try again later!  My container is fairly narrow so there is not much room for the bulbs to move around & the stocks will be pretty supported by it as well.
     Last step is to fill it up with some water to a level just below the bulbs, so that it is not quite touching them.  The trick is going to be keeping it at a good level while they continue to grow.
     This is what they looked like when i started.

     And this is what they looked like today, just 3 days later!!!

     I am so impressed with how much they have sprouted!  & look, you can see their little roots are starting to grow!  & it has just been 3 days!  I am so impressed with these!

     I will keep you updated.

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