Tuesday, 13 January 2015

snowflake photos!~

     Snow!  So, this past weekend i had just come back from the Deep Freeze festival & watching fireworks!  (&visiting with my cousins)

     It was quite cold out that night & snowing a bit, the snow was so pretty!  just sparkly & the flakes were coming down in such pretty distinct little snowflake shape flakes, i just had to try & take some pictures!  I have never tried to take pictures of snowflakes before, but my camera is pretty great at closeup photos, so i gave it a shot!  It was a bit difficult because it was dark out & i just had the light on the outside of the house & there were lots of shadows getting in the way.  It was hard for my camera to focus on things as well.  Also, my fingers were FREEZING!  (i have a bit of raynaud's (can you have just a bit of it?), not formally diagnosed, my mom has it)  So here are a few shots:

     Neat!  I decided to try again in the morning when there was actual daylight & i wouldnt have to worry so much about shadows.  When i woke up the next day i got in a few shots, not too many because i had other stuff to do.  The daylight did help quite a bit & it was still cold enough that the snow had kept its shape.  (though not quite as lovely as freshly fallen)

     Much brighter, but my camera did some weirdness with the focusing.  Now i usually never edit my photos, mainly because i dont really know how & the only photo editing software that i have is an old version of that i dont fully know how to use.  But!  i decided to try & do something with these snowflake photos because of the wonky focusing.  All i did was crop them & use the 'sharpen' effect though!

     & that was my experiment with snow photography!  I did a quick google search for snow info & there is a tonne at!  They have pretty pictures & technical super expensive info on how to take fancy pictures of snow.  (as opposed to my point camera at snow, take picture method) 
     Right now it has got super warm again, today it was up to above freezing (over the weekend it was at about -20), so no more snow pictures for now, but its only january, still have a few more months of winter to go, so hopefully i can try again!

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