Saturday, 3 January 2015

happy new year!

happy new year!

well.  it is now the new year!  i am horrible at posting here.  i thought i would be a lot better at it.  i have ideas & pictures for several different posts that i have not gotten around to doing, things from months ago!  oh well, i will get to it eventually!
(i have a pet bird & right now there are noises coming from the other room that sound like he is getting into some trouble!  ... ugh.  he was eating a foil pie plate!)
anyway!  since its been the holidays & i thought right now i would just post a whole bunch of the pictures!  especially pictures of lights!  because that's what i love to do!
this year was the first year i really decorated my house any, i usually just help decorate at my folks place, but this year i bought some lights online & made some paper trees!  i also made snowflakes with my nieces!

i also put up a little blue tinsel tree that i had from years ago with some dollar store lights!  & check out this super cute little orange guy!  he is a warm fuzzy!  its from a fund raising campaign that the local hope mission had this christmas!

i also made most of my gifts.  all that jam i have been making!  & i made little cups in pottery & filled them with beeswax to make little candles, they turned out pretty good!

these are just some pictures of ornaments.  (i made this little deer from a kit i got at dollarama to do with my nieces, i thought it was cute!  i am a sucker for googly eyes!)

& now for some lights!  these are pictures of the lights on my windows!

these ones are the lights that are on the outside of my parent's place.

these here are pictures of my tinsel tree!

these ones are my brother's christmas tree.

these are pictures of my parent's christmas tree!

these ones are still my folk's tree, but are of the flashing light up star at the top!

i hope you have had a super happy holiday season!  happy new year.   & happy ukrainian christmas if anyone is reading this around the time i am posting it!  we are having our dinner early this year, tomorrow on sunday (the 4th) just because that is when everyone can get together, so now i need to go cook some food for it!  have a happy day!

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