Saturday, 24 January 2015

lunar new year celebration at the muttart

     This evening i went to the lunar new year celebration at the muttart conservatory!  It was pretty fun!  Now, i am sure that i must have been to the muttart at some point in my life, but honestly, i cant remember!  I know that a long long long time ago i took a 1 day class there about natural home care & beauty stuff but that must have been in.. oh, i dont know.. the early 90s?  So it was fun looking around at the different pyramids & seeing all the plants.  (They were actually smaller than i thought they were though.)  Also this was an evening event (with fireworks!) so it was getting dark in there! i thought they would put on some stronger lights but i guess plants need some regulated lighting to grow properly.
     The muttart consists of 4 pyramids, 3 permanent ones (arid, temperate & tropical) & the main pyramid, a larger one that they change periodically with different themes.  Right now they have a lunar new year theme thing going on & today there was a celebration.  I am not sure why it was so early seeing as the new year is on Feb 19th, perhaps today was the opening of the pyramid?  When we got there the first thing we got to do was plant our own little jade plant to take home!

      Then we looked through the pyramids & also got to watch some kids preform some traditional dancing.  I took a few pictures.  Towards the end it was a bit difficult though because of the darkness.  This first one is some sort of succulent from the arid pyramid, i didn't get the name.  The flower is a Camellia Japonica 'Ava Maria'.

     These are from the main feature pyramid.  They had built a little pond in it that was surrounded by flowers & these little lemon trees that had little fruit on them!  I wonder how they get them to fruit when they are so small?  I have some lemon plants that i started from seed, they are.. at least 2 years old, not yet 3, but they are still very small, not as big as the one in this picture.  I am just happy i have kept them alive so long! 

     This fountain above was really cool, it was quite tall and had rocks in it!  I also really liked these metallic ram sculptures!  The 'terra cotta' horse was pretty nifty too!  There were also fancy vases of orchids all over the place, i really like orchids!

     This was part of the trunk of a tree in the tropical pyramid, i thought it looked really cool.  That was the last pyramid we looked at & when we got in there it was really dark, like be careful, watch your footing dark, so i couldnt find a sign to see what this was.  I am kinda surprised the pic turned out as well as it did.

  Then fireworks!!!  Yay!  We climbed up to the roof to watch them.  I ended up stuck in almost a foot of snow, but i was leaned up against a wall & i figured at least then i wouldnt be slipping on ice, so that's good!  The fireworks were great!  There were some that i had not seen before, or at least not seen used in that way!  Super colourful & fantastic!

 (these are the ones i said were new to me, arent they great?!!)

     And lastly, this is a view of the city line from the top of the pyramids!

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